Hunter Seminars and Training

The Experience You Were Born For

The Seminars

This class will equip new hunters, or hunters with limited Western big game hunting experience, with the skillset to be able to plan and execute their own hunts.

  • 3 Days of Hands-On Experience, Classroom Lectures and In-The-Field Teaching
  • Each students will get hands on experience for Day 3’s “Hands on Game Processing” Segment
  • Each Student will Leave with an Implementable Plan for a Western Big Game Hunt on Public Land

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Our 3-Day Advanced Seminar will prepare any hunter for the challenges and opportunities presented during extreme mountain hunts.

Leave the course:

  • Exposed to riding horses in rough terrain, knowing the ins/outs of how pack animals are utilized, and understanding safety precautions around horses and mules in the mountains.
  • Knowing the basics of field care for high value animals. Every experienced international hunter and sheep hunter can tell you a story of a guide botching field work. This course will teach you the important details involved in capeing, turning and salting in remote environments.
  • Knowing basic self trauma first-aid, remote communication and wilderness field craft.
  • Confident in your ability to choose mountain species (elk, mule deer, sheep, goat, bear) guides and outfitters with precision. We will cover choosing domestic and international providers.
  • Knowing how to live in a wall-tent camp and an extreme lightweight backpack camp.
  • With a better understanding of shooting in the alpine environment.

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Hands-On Focus

All of our seminars involve hands-on instruction, from glassing wild game in the field to working through game processing with actual animals.

One of A Kind Facility

We operate from our private ranch that borders the Flat Tops Wilderness Area outside of Vail and Eagle, Colorado. The Flat Tops Wilderness Area is over 240,000 acres of road-less and forever wild land protected by the Wilderness Act. Our facility is built to accommodate wilderness hunting trips and remote summer expeditions. We maintain a herd of 35+ mules and horses, a 3,000 sq. ft. pack station, bunkhouse and a 3,500 sq. ft. log lodge.


Our staff has guided hundreds of big game hunts across North America and have also run some of the world’s largest outfitting services. We have written dozens of articles on all aspects of hunting and provided thousands of hours of hunting related content via YouTube.