Spot and Stalk Bears

These spot and stalk hunts are in beautiful mountain terrain in British Columbia. This is an fun mountain hunt with close to 100% success. Hunters of all experience levels can enjoy our Black Bear Hunts. Although this is an international hunt, it is a simple trip for a group also

Free-Range Barbary Sheep

Our Barbary Sheep (Aoudad) Hunts are short 3-day hunts in rugged West Texas terrain. These hunts are great for hunters with varying degrees of experience but looking for a true spot and stalk experience. Logistics are easy and usually involve one flight from any major city.

As the link between Our Starter/Meat Hunts and Our More Extreme Expedition Hunts, Adventure Hunts offer a more advanced experience from comfortable camps and lodging. These hunts retain high success rates for hunters of all different experience levels.