“I speak of Africa and golden joys; the joy of wandering through lonely lands; the joy of hunting the mighty and terrible lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the wary, and the grim.” Theodore Roosevelt

People dream of hunting the dark continent, but have a preconceived notion that it is too expensive. The fact is, there is no other hunt available that gives you more bang for you’re buck than hunting Africa. Some hunters have heard horror stories of never being picked up at the airport, or showing up and hunting in a 300 acre pen. True Hunts has spent time and money in Africa performing due diligence to avoid these situations for our clients.

From the moment you step off the plane a VIP service is arranged to meet you at your gate and escort you to baggage claim and through a priority line at customs. Once through customs you will then meet your professional hunter (PH). Your PH will be with you the whole duration of your safari and until you go through security for your flight back home.

True Hunts has hand picked a great deal of properties and several lodges that are available to hunt that are tailored specifically for your safari all over South Africa. If you want to hunt a different country or species that is not found in South Africa, no problem! True Hunts has you covered.

I have personally spent months hunting in Africa at these locations.

Jimmy Oswald – Head Guide at True Hunts

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When your buddies are home during the North American off-season, Africa lends you unlimited hunting opportunity. The best months are April through August. There is no better practice for a different upcoming hunt than time behind the trigger, especially when the target on the other side of the barrel has hair on it. Hunting in Africa also gives you a unique chance to improve your tracking skills like no other place in the world can offer. Anyone who has hunted Africa will tell you that spending a week with a PH and his tracker, will improve your tracking more than anything else.

Hunts vary dependent on your physical condition. “Walk and stalk” is the most preferred and often the most fun. Although, sitting water holes during the mid-day or while archery hunting provides an unmatched experience for some hunters. If you like hunting the mountains, Africa has a lot that prove to be physically challenging, allow for lots of glassing, and for the right marksman, the ability to reach out to long distances.

If you tag out early, there are many other activities to do while on your safari. You can switch out the rifle/bow for a camera and go check out one of the many national parks or get up close and personal with elephants and rhinos. There are also some great non-biggame hunts available. One of the most underrated hunts out there is an African bird hunt. You can hunt upland birds like the many species of francolin, guinea fowl, and waterfowl. Dove hunts rival an Argentinean hunt, at a fraction of the price.

The lodges and properties that we have chosen are able to facilitate even the largest of corporate groups. We highly encourage you to bring non-hunters along such as spouses and kids. The reaction from seeing the abundant and unique wildlife to the five-star cuisine offers an experience that is unrivaled!

Package Pricing

Prices include: Cost of animal, day fees (for 1:1), dipping/packing/crating per animal, and conservation fee

Custom Packages are highly encouraged! Contact us for a Quote.

5 Day First Time Safari Package: $2,750
– Gemsbok
– Impala
– Warthog


7 Day Small Safari Package: $5,750
– Common Blesbok
– Impala
– Warthog
– Blue Wildebeest
7 Day Large Safari Package: $9,750
– Common Blesbok
– Impala
– Warthog
– Blue Wildebeest
– Kudu
– Gemsbok
10 Day Small Safari: $8,250
– Common Blesbok
– Impala
– Warthog
– Blue Wildebeest
– Gemsbok
10 Day Large Safari: $11,850
– Common blesbok
– Impala
– Warthog
– Blue Wildebeest
– Kudu
– Gemsbok
– Burchell Zebra
Spiral Slam 10 Day Safari: $13,500
– Limpopo Bushbuck
– Kudu
– Nyala
– Eland


Free State 7 Day Safari: $8,650
– Common Springbok
– Black Springbok
– White Springbok
– Copper Springbok
– Black Wildebeest


Mountain 7 Day Safari: $8,750
– Kudu
– Klipspringer
– Mountain Reedbuck
– Impala


Royal 10 Day Safari: $16,300
– Sable
– Roan
– Golden Wildebeest
– Black Impala

Additional animal fees:





African wildcat $450 Baboon $650
Cape buffalo $14,000 Cape bushbuck $860
Limpopo bushbuck $1,450 Common blesbock $680
White blesbok $850 Common duiker $470
Red duiker $1,250 Gemsbok $1,435
Genet $550 Giraffe $3,950
Burchell zebra $1,500 Red hartebeest $1,550
Honey badger $850 Impala $550
Jackal $325 Monkey $325
Ostrich $730 Porcupine $330
Common springbok $825 Black springbok $1,190
White springbok $1,430 Warthog $525
Waterbuck $2,415 Blue wildebesst $1,270
Black wildebeest $1,280 Bontebok $2,020
Bushpig $800 Caracal $950
Civet $955 Blue duiker $1,250
Eland $3,250 Klipspinger $1,650
Kudu > 55” $4,880 Kudu < 55” $3,250
Red lechwe $3,850 Nylala $3,550
Oribi $2,545 Common reedbuck $2,560
Mountain reedbuck $1,500 Rhebuck vaal $2,480
Roan $10,500 Sable $8,250
Serval $2,375 Suni $2,730
Tsessebe $3,970 Hippo Call
Crocodile Call Elephant Call
Rhino Call Leopard Call

Pricing and Payment Details

  • For all safari packages, a $1,500 deposit is required to reserve the dates you would like to hunt. The remaining balance will be owed on the last day of the hunt, where you will stop at the office on the way to the airport.
  • Dangerous Game hunts require varying levels of deposit. Contact us for details.
  • If you plan on paying deposits with a credit card, there is a 2.5% convenience charge for all card types. We accept ACH transfers with no fee.
  • If you plan on paying balances in Africa with a credit card, there is a 2.5% charge for Visa/Master Card and 5% for AMEX.

Trip Leader Add-On Service for Groups

True Hunts will add an additional full-time staff member to any hunt (outside of the hunt package guides/staff) for $600 per day in Africa. These experts know the areas/species well, help spot for hunters, deal with logistics of the hunt/travel, know professional taxidermy preparation and are an onsite resource to monitor quality control. This service is a huge plus for groups that don’t want to worry about the logistical details of a hunt and want that “edge” added to their hunt.

Frequent Questions

  • Why these areas? Why is X animal more expensive with you?
    • Of course everyone wants to save money when booking a hunt. However, choosing an outfit to hunt with solely based off of price is not advisable. Hunting outfits in Africa are the most competitive in the world. Hence, when one is drastically cheaper there is typically a reason.

    • Look and ask about any “hidden fees”. Many advertised prices are only the cost of hunting the animals and does not include a day rate.

    • Do some research into the track record of trophies never arriving back into the United States or if operations have full-time office staff. A lot of logistics go into getting the proper permits. A good outfitter doesn’t call the hunt over until your trophies are shipped back to you and in good care.

  • What Dates are Best?
    • April through August are considered the best months to hunt Africa.

  • Can you bring home meat from Africa?
    • Unfortunately, you can’t bring home game meat from Africa. However, you will dine on the meat while in Africa and no meat is wasted. Meat is donated to locals and used in future safaris.

  • What rifle, gear, etc… should I bring?
Africa Gear List and Prep Series

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