Free Range Aoudad Gear List

This PDF covers the gear you will need on a Free-Range Aoudad hunting trip. It also includes some basic information regarding travel, firearms, etc... If your trip has a backpacking element, you can reference our backpack gear list. You will not need the warm weather backpacking gear on the list.

Field Judging Barbary Sheep

Aoudad can be a difficult big game animal to field judge, but most folks can pickup judging Barbary Sheep over a few hours of glassing the animals. All you need to start is a clear understanding of their horn structure. This article will teach you a framework for your first hunt and as you build your aoudad hunting experience.

Aoudad Behavior and Hunting Strategy

This article covers the inside scoop on aoudad when it comes to the rut, their herd dynamics, age and growth; and the differences you find in the species between geographies. We also cover some of the hunting techniques best used on aoudad.

Cooking Aoudad

It can be done! We personally enjoy it. Aoudad can be used in many ways and this is just one example.

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