I fell in love with BC on my first trip. The coastal mountains reminded of the high elevation mountains I guide goats hunters through in Colorado and the interior reminded me of the sage brush Mule Deer country I know so well. BC captured why I had dedicated my life to guiding in Colorado, but with drastically better game management combined with low human population density. BC is a hunter’s dream, a dream that is a quick flight from almost every major city in the United States.

After many visits and miles of due diligence after that first trip, I found an outfitter I trusted to partner with on most the goat hunts I do in BC. We have the same philosophy on fair chase hunting, game management and the experience we provide to our hunters.

These hunts are a special adventure to me.

You do not have to draw tags in British Columbia. Outfitters provide tags to clients.

The area we hunt in British Columbia is a 5 hour drive north of Vancouver and covers over 1,000 square miles. Most of the territory is accessible by logging road and 4×4, but some of the hunting is done within a park that does not allow vehicle access. This allows for both backpack goats hunts and unique backpack bear hunting.

Most of the hunting area consists of the rugged coastal mountains that Southern BC is known for. Resident pressure is limited in the area. Harvested timber blocks in the low valleys and avalanche shoots provide exceptional black bear habitat and the rugged mountain peaks are ideal goat terrain.

Mtn Goat Hunt Pricing in US funds (September/October)

$12,500 for 7 days hunting 1×1 guided

$312.50  2.5% gst tax
$200 hunting license
$350 goat tag
$150 mule/black tail deer tag
$200 black bear tag
$1600 trophy fee on bear and deer
$200 Hunter preservation fund (HPF)

*This hunt does include pick-up/drop-off from Vancouver International Airport.

Pricing and Payment Details

  • All fees must be paid in U.S. funds: Checks via certified mail. Credit Cards are accepted from corporate invoiced groups only. Cash and money order are the only accepted payment for final payments received at the hunt location.
  • 50% deposit due at booking. Final 50% due before April 15th for all Spring hunts and August 15th for all Fall hunts.
  • Tips are appreciated for good service. 5-15% of the total trip cost is typical if you are happy with your guide and service.
  • Most of our hunt packages do not include cost of taxidermy, meat processing, shipping costs, travel to/from hunt area, tags/taxes/licenses, and other services not specifically described in the hunt contract.

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Frequent Questions

  • Are these hunts hike-in, horseback or vehicle based?
    • These hunts are conducted out of a vehicle accessible base camp. Most hunting will be done via day-hiking from the base camp and 4×4 accessible hike-in points. Some glassing will be vehicle based.
  • Why are these hunts more expensive than other Mountain Goat hunts?
    • Logistics – These hunts are likely the easiest goat hunts in terms of logistics that exist. You don’t have to worry about or incur extra costs related to weather delays, extra float plane trips, boats, etc… Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean these aren’t physical hunts. You need to be ready for mountain hunting.
    • Quality and Quantity – This area has run close to 100% harvest of mature billies for the past decade.
  • Can you eat Mountain Goats?
    • Yes. Like Barbary Sheep Mountain Goat meat has a poor reputation due to the toughness of the meat. If slow cooked, ground for burger, or made into sausage it makes great meals. The actual taste is mild. The chili Aoudad Recipe we use works well for Mountain Goat also.

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