Wilderness Elk Hunts

Our wilderness elk hunts are for groups looking to combine the hunt with a real wilderness experience. This is one of the hardest hunts of our corporate offerings, but the adventure component is off the charts. Wilderness Elk Hunts

Spot and Stalk Bears

These spot and stalk hunts are in beautiful mountain terrain in British Columbia. This is an easy hunt with close to 100% success. Hunters of all experience levels can enjoy our Black Bear Hunts. Although this is an international hunt, it is a simple trip for a group.

Free-Range Barbary Sheep

Our Barbary Sheep (Aoudad) Hunts are short 3-day hunts in rugged West Texas terrain. These hunts are great for a group of hunters with varying degrees of experience and physical condition who are on a tight timeline. Logistics are easy and usually involve one flight from any major city.

Mule Deer Hunts

Our mule deer hunts are for groups wanting to enjoy the mountain experience in addition to the hunt. We have different lodging options from high-end to remote wilderness camps. Of our corporate offerings, this adventure offers the most trophy quality but it does involve applying for tags. Hence, these hunts need to be planned 8-15 months in advance. Mule Deer Hunts

Mountain Goat Hunts

These spot and stalk hunts are in beautiful mountain terrain in British Columbia. This is a tough physical hunt, but it does have close to 100% success. The only option for a corporate group on goats is British Columbia Goats because the tags are available directly from the outfitter. This is best for a group of 2 or 3 hunters looking for an intense mountain experience. This is not a good group hunt for groups that include anyone that is not very serious about hunting.

True Hunts is built around the concept of access to best-in-class hunts, combined with the top guides in the business. Working with groups of 4-6 guests to leverage this core competency comes naturally.


Our Corporate/Group Hunt Screening Process

Not all hunts make a good group or corporate hunt. Potential trips must meet all four screens to be offered to our corporate/group clientele.

1. Harvest permits (tags) must be readily available. Corporate groups, in particular, can’t have schedules and logistics changed last minute due to tag non-availability or unlucky draws.
2. The hunting area and outfitting operations must be “scalable”. This means that the quality of the hunt with one hunter is the same as with six hunters. Unfortunately, few species are naturally dense enough and few areas are managed well enough to support six harvests, over the same 5-7 day time frame.
3. Logistics need to be minimal. Our team can mitigate travel troubles, but multiple international flights, float planes, unreliable transfers, etc… just don’t play well with most corporate/group trips. This is amplified if individuals in the group are traveling from different locations and on a timeline.
4. Price point per guest from $3,500 to $8,500.


What does True Hunts offer the corporate/group client?

We pride ourselves on professionalism. Several of our group offerings are operated from top to bottom by True Hunts or our fully owned Colorado outfitter, Flat Tops Wilderness Guides. For the hunts that are not completely operated by us, we are more involved than the industry’s standard “booking agents”. Our management team has meet with all of our partnering operators in their hunting area and spent time in the hunt area during hunts. For all international outfitting partnerships, one member of our management team has spent a minimum of two full weeks onsite. This hands-on interaction makes sure that all our hunts meet our standards.
True Hunts also offers all fully booked corporate/group packages (see hunt pages for details) a Trip Leader. These experts know the areas/species well, help guide hunters (where legal), deal with logistics of the hunt/travel, know professional taxidermy preparation and are an onsite resource to monitor quality control. This service is a huge plus.
On the administration front, True Hunts offers professional invoicing (including payment by credit card), preparation material and gear lists; and detailed guidance on trip logistics.