Our 3-Day Seminar will prepare anyone to start hunting on their own.

Hunting is a normal and important part of being a human. Historically, if you didn’t hunt; you didn’t eat. Today, with the advent of corporate agriculture, we no longer spend our days outdoors tracking down game, we simply take a trip to a grocery store. But we can get back to our roots by developing a lifelong passion of pursuing wild game and guiding others on the adventure. There are a few reasons why this makes sense:

  • First, wild game is one of the greatest sources of protein on this earth. You were born to eat it. A wild and free food source, away from industrial farming, is where it’s at!
  • Second, our sedentary lifestyles can make us lethargic and overweight. Hunting enhances your physical fitness and overall vitality.
  • Third, overcoming challenges in the wilderness builds confidence and problem-solving skills. These elements have positive spillover effects in our everyday lives.
  • Fourth, hunting satisfies a primal instinct To Be Self-Reliant. There is no replacement in life for pursuing, harvesting, and processing wild game.

Have some hunting experience? Check out our advanced course by clicking here!

The Seminar

Arrival Day – By 6:30PM:

Welcome Dinner

Day 1:

Group Hike – Topics: Physical Preparation and Tracking/Game Behavior

Lecture – The elements of planning a hunt

Hands On – Fire Building, Navigation, Wilderness Survival

Lecture and Hands On – Rifle Setup, Zeroing, and Basic Ballistics

Lecture – Regulations/Tags/Wildlife Management

Day 2 :

Group Hike – Topics: Hunting Strategy and Finding Game (Glassing)

Hands On – Tracking and Mock Stalks (Understanding the Wind)

Mock Hunt Planning Workshop

  • Student will work with instructors to plan a Western big game hunt on public land, start-to-finish. Species and State focus will be based on student’s pre-course survey. Student will leave with an actual hunt plan that can be fully implemented.

Lecture – Meat Processing, Field Dressing, Taxidermy

Day 3 :

Group Hike – Topics: Backpacks/Gear

Hands on Game Processing, Packing, Fleshing, Caping

  • Students will have hands on exposure to the aspects of breaking down and processing an animal.
  • To comply with state and local regulations, we use domesticated animals for this workshop. Typically, organically-fed Boer goats are used as their anatomy is identical to most of our big game animals in North America and the meat can be utilized. *During some dates, we can utilize actual game animals.

Class Wrap-Up 7PM


  • All participants must be capable of hiking 2-3 miles at elevation. We view hunting as an active activity and each day of the seminar will contain physical activity.
  • All participants are asked to read through the pre-course reading packet and watch the pre-course videos.
  • Students are encouraged to take a hunter’s safety course in their state of residence before attending. The majority of the course can usually be taken online through Hunter-ed.com. All state’s vary but most also require a “field course” that is 4-6 hours. Most states require a hunter’s education certification before you can purchase tags/licenses. More information is available in Get Started Hunting – Part I – Requirements, Gear, Ethics, Skill Set
  • Firearm and archery marksmanship is only touched on in the course. To become proficient in these fields, we suggest self study/practice or contacting us about our dedicated marksmanship courses.

Location and Facility

We operate from our private ranch that borders the Flat Tops Wilderness Area outside of Vail and Eagle, Colorado. The Flat Tops Wilderness Area is over 240,000 acres of road-less and forever wild land protected by the Wilderness Act. This seminar is taught primarily at the ranch. There are many local hotels in Eagle, CO (50 mins away) and several VRBO options within 10-15 mins.

Our facility is built to accommodate wilderness hunting trips and remote summer expeditions. We maintain a herd of 35+ mules and horses, a 3,000 sq. ft. pack station, bunkhouse and a 3,500 sq. ft. log lodge.

Head Instructor

Schedule, Pricing, and Booking

Spring/Summer 2021: April 30th-May 2nd, May 8th-10th, May 14th-16th, May 21st-23rd, May 28th-30th

3-Day Seminar

$ 925

Per Guest
  • Lunches and Welcome Dinner Included with All Bookings
  • Pre-Course Reading Packet and Videos
  • 3 Days of Hands-On Experience, Classroom Lectures and In-The-Field Teaching
  • Each students will get hands on experience for Day 3’s “Hands on Game Processing” Segment
  • Each Student will Leave with an Implementable Plan for a Western Big Game Hunt on Public Land
  • 12 Students Maximum

*4 Nights of Lodging and 3 Meals per Day Included with Lodging Package (Add $650 per Guest)

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