Barbary Sheep hunting in the rugged canyons and mountains of West Texas is America’s most underrated sheep hunt. Well, technically they are a goat but you get the point! Also known as aoudad, these animals never quite get the respect they deserve because they are often harvested in high-fence operations in other parts of Texas. Hunting free-range aoudad is a completely different animal. They are just as wary, if not more in-tune, than the rocky mountain bighorns we have guided. There is also something to be said about hunting them in rugged terrain that is akin to their native habitat. West Texas is the type of terrain they have evolved to thrive in.

You can expect a quintessential “sheep hunting experience” from this hunt. The hunting is glassing intensive with stalks in tough terrain. However, because the ranches are private and have road accessibility to the high rims, hunters of varying degrees of physical condition will have a great hunt.

These hunts are on tightly managed leases where few rams are taken each year. A trophy ram is typically 9+ years old, so this management style is essential for hunters wanting to find real quality.

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Private Lease (Several Adjoining Ranches, Close to 80K Acres)

  • Private Ranch, cap-rock sheep habitat
  • This is the nicest accommodations of all the hunts we offer
  • Hunt includes nice lodge/rooms, all meals, alcohol, and drinks
  • Family run operation, awesome food, and Texas hospitality
  • Vehicle access to glassing locations overlooking rugged canyons
  • Tightly managed herd with extremely selective harvest
  • 28″-34″+ quality. Expect to see sheep everyday. A slow day might be 20-30 sheep, a good day 150+
  • Our average ram is over 30″ – we score every ram we harvest.
  • Hunts run from January 20th through March 15th
  • 4 Days of hunting, 100% historical success. Guides that know how to judge big rams
  • $6,500 per hunter at 1-2 hunter group. $6,000 per hunter at 3+ hunter group.
  • Corporate/Group Package – Includes Trip Leader Service (described below) – 4 Hunters at $24,000, 7 Hunters at $40,000
  • No tag required, only a $50 Non-Resident Special 5-day License

Trip Leader Add-On Service

True Hunts will add an additional full-time staff member to any hunt (outside of the hunt package guides/staff) for $450 per day. These experts know the areas/species well, help guide hunters, deal with logistics of the hunt/travel, know professional taxidermy preparation and are an onsite resource to monitor quality control. This service is a huge plus for groups that don’t want to worry about the logistical details of a hunt or individuals that want that “edge” added to their hunt.

Pricing and Payment Details

  • All fees must be paid in U.S. funds: Checks via certified mail. Credit Cards are accepted from corporate invoiced groups only. Cash and money order are the only accepted payment for final payments received at the hunt location.
  • 50% deposit due at booking. Final 50% due before April 15th for all Spring hunts and August 15th for all Fall hunts.
  • Tips are appreciated for good service. 5-15% of the total trip cost is typical if you are happy with your guide and service.
  • Most of our hunt packages do not include cost of taxidermy, meat processing, shipping costs, travel to/from hunt area, tags/taxes/licenses, and other services not specifically described in the hunt contract.

Frequent Questions

  • Why do we hunt these areas?
    • We have a preference for West Texas and North-West Texas because it produces larger rams than other areas. NM ranches typically have smaller rams.
    • Our hunts can be as difficult as the hunter would like to make them. Some of the aoudad hunting in Far West Texas, particularly around Alpine and Big Bend, requires a 4+ day hunt to consistently get into the highest quality we are looking to achieve. Many of those areas also require serious long-range hiking. The hunts we offer in Northern West Texas are similar habitat but better road access.
  • Why January, February, and March?
    • It’s the best time to be in Texas. Nice, mild weather and no rattlers.
    • Why not? Aoudad keep great capes throughout this time frame. Also, this time-frame gives folks the opportunity to go on a high quality big game hunt during the “off-season”.
  • Can you eat Barbary Sheep?
    • Yes. Aoudad meat has a horrible reputation, but much of that is nonsense. Is it an easy game meat to prepare? No. Like mountain goat, a tough texture is the problem. The actual taste is mild. Rams are excellent ground or sliced thin for meals. We have a great recipe here.
Free-Range Aoudad Gear List and Prep Series

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