Mountain Goat Gear List

This PDF covers the gear you will need on a Mountain Goat hunting trip. This list covers the basics for a hunt that consists of "day hunting" from a base camp. For our more extensive backpack goat hunts, give us a call for more details on the gear needed for your specific trip.

Sex Identification and Field Judging

Rocky Mountain Goats are difficult to identify as male or female. They also aren't the easiest to field judge. This article will give you an in-depth look at techniques, tips and tricks to perfecting this skill.

Mountain Goat Behavior and Hunting Strategy

This article covers the basic behavior of mountain goats and the most common ways to hunt them. We also provide links to a couple books/papers if you want to gain in-depth knowledge on mountain goats.

Physical Preparation for a Mountain Goat Hunt

Goat hunts are some of the most physical hunts in the world, if not the most physical. The challenge on these hunts is that sometimes there just isn't an easier alternative. Hunters need to have a baseline fitness level. Here is a quick guide.

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