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Packing for a Wilderness Horse/Mule Pack-In Hunt

After a humorous intro, we go over how a hunter should think about packing for a wilderness mule deer or elk hunt that will utilize horse and mules as pack stock. It’s very difficult for hunters to understand the limitations and capabilities of pack stock without seeing the entire process.

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About Cliff Gray

Cliff is a registered outfitter in the State of Colorado, guiding and outfitting over 100 hunters a year for elk, bighorns, goats, bears and mule deer across wilderness areas in Colorado and British Columbia. He has years of experience hunting big game via remote backpacking and horse/mule packing.

Cliff is a private pilot, certified wilderness first responder, and an official measurer for both Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young records programs.

Cliff Gray

About Cliff Gray

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