Spring Black Bear Gear List

This PDF covers the gear you will need on a Spring Bear hunting trip. It also includes some basic information regarding travel, firearms, etc... when travelling to Canada.

Field Judging Black Bears

Black Bears are the most difficult North American big game animal to field judge. Most folks can pickup judging deer, scoring elk or even judging Barbary Sheep over a few hours of glassing the animals. The ability to judge Black Bears with any reliability is a life-long endeavor. This article will teach you a framework for your first hunt and as you build your bear hunting experience.

Spring Bear Behavior and Hunting Strategy

This article covers the three distinct segments of the spring when it comes to bear hunting, The Wake Up, The Rut, and Post Rut. Each part of the spring requires different hunting techniques.

Spring Details: International Travel, Taxidermy, Weapon Choice

We cover the remaining details that come up when planning a spring bear hunt. International Travel into British Columbia, Taxidermy costs and details, and some quick recommendations on weapon choice.

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